A draft here and there

Since the last post on this blog, I’ve been thinking about heading back to Blogger. I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with WordPress and its inability to load on any browser on my home PC. To be fair, it is not just WordPress, Tumblr also refuses to load at home, so I am not exactly sure what is going on there.

I like the availability of iPad apps for blogging, but neither the WordPress or Blogger apps offer a really comprehensive means for managing posts, especially drafts. The Blogger app is limited to the iPhone resolution and typing is a real pain without a Bluetooth keyboard, but the WordPress has the full iPad screen keyboard and isn’t limited to the vertical display.

My reasons for not going back to Blogger just yet include control over the page layout, themes, the tagging and category features of WordPress. Plus, I am also contributing to a couple of group blogs on the Blogger platform and its nice to keep somethings out of the Google cloud. Unless Blogger integrates my Google reader or perhaps G+ and then maybe I will have to live there.

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