thoughts on the iPad so far

So far so good, after spending around $90 in the apps store, I have a complete set of productivity tools and transfer options, but more on those later. First, basic usability is great, swictching between handhold and the dock I notice I get more ‘serious’ going from a browser heavy use to the text experience normally associated with my desktop including email and docs.

I’m seriously impressed with the LCD, I need glasses for long distance but I also do a huge amount of screen time, so my eyes are finding the softer illumination of the iPad very welcome. The smaller overall size and the crisp font display is actually easier on the eyes than my beloved 24inch Dell monitor and after two weeks, I’m still going to the iPad+Dock rather than the PC or Mac to write. My first extra purchase after the keyboard and applecare extortion fee will be the VGA cable.

There is a lot of online content – video and music – that I could be enjoying in portable fashion (as I do on my laptop) but without Flash support in Safari it is all offlimits so it is pretty obvious why Apple has parted ways with Adobe, the move forces the user to purchase music, movies, and TV through iTunes. One semi-alternative enables wireless streaming of DIVX and AVI files through the AirVideo App to the iPad and is completely brilliant.

In terms of the iPad’s value for money. The device is as good if not twice as good as the EEE pc net book I purchased two years ago for $400 that ran linux and was great for about 8 months while the battery lasted. My Dell XPS which cost $1800 runs the latest PC games, weighs around 3kgs, and has three times the screen estate and was extremely good value (although the screen and motherboard have been entirely replaced on warranty and is still keeping up 18 months into its lifespan).

After traveling with the iPad interstate and using it to totally overhaul and organize my email, I’m completely in love… so much so I have purchased a second hand iMac to act as the family PC and synchronise and back up to. Not an Apple fanboi yet, but damn that new IPhone looks good.

Taking the iPad on hols! Not doing work I promise, ok maybe a little email, but the weather App, and kids books and games are great on a long flight.

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