An invitation to Pokémon Go players in Wollongong and the Illawarra.

We are a small team of researchers at Wollongong Uni seeking participants for a study of Pokémon Go players. Now the hype has settled down, we want to talk to regular players about their experiences using the app in the local region.

The study has three parts, an initial interview, a walk-along session where we film and map your typical play experience, and a final ‘watch back’ where you view your play session back via 360 video, to comment on the urban experience of playing Pokémon Go.

Please respond to this post, PM for further information or contact us via email:

Dr Thomas Birtchnell – 

Ms Victoria Ikutegbe –

Dr Chris Moore – 

Ms Loren Vettoretto – 

course materials on games, design and culture

Two great games scholars and lecturers have made their course materials available online. I’ll be taking some inspiration from these and will add more as I find them.

Mia Consalvo – Critical Game Design and Analysis and From Gamer to Player

T.L Taylor – Introduction to Video Game Theory