E-sports and gamer persona

At one point StarCraft 2 player ‘Idra’ held one of the most lucrative sponsorship contracts in E-sports and a notoriety for trash talking and disdain for other players. His dismissal from the competitive SC2 team ‘Evil Geniuses’ sends an important message to high profile players about attention to their public persona, acceptable competitive behaviour and the messages they communicate to fan communities.

a big day

Tomorrow we launch the first round of crowdfunded researchĀ campaignsĀ as part of a collaboration between Deakin University and Pozible called ResearchMyWorld. I’m extremely nervous about the turn to crowdfunding, but I’m pitching a modest project with an achievable goal and two aims that IĀ believeĀ in. The timing of the project comes during an intense period of cutbacks to research funding and changes to the funding support for students in Higher Education in Australia. It’s important to be clear that crowdfunding research is not an alternative toĀ federalĀ funded research, but a tactical intermediary. We are all stumbling around in the dark with this one, wondering if we have found the light switch or the electrical outlet and only time will tell.

a big week

A very big week with many student consults as ALC208 students wrestle with the firstĀ assessment. On the whole I’ve been very impressed with the degree of comprehension and feel confident that everyone is on the right track.

I’m recording the video introduction for my crowdfunding project tomorrow and quite nervous about getting in front of the camera. I’m certainly more proficient at analysing media than producing it, but I’m happy with the way the Facebook page is shaping up: https://www.facebook.com/PlayCache/Ā