Check out Refractory a Journal of Entertainment Media, Volume 25, 2015

Themed Issue: Eye-Tracking the Moving Image

Guest Edited by Sean Redmond & Craig Batty

‘In a landmark special edition of Refractory, guest editors Sean Redmond and Craig Batty draw together articles that examine – from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives – how eye tracking can be employed to make better critical sense of the moving image. From discussions of Up! and Saving Private Ryan, to translation, subtitling and text; and from the cold eyes of Sherlock to the affecting sounds of war, the articles draw upon eye tracking data to see deeper into the moving image’.


1.  Seeing into Things: Eye Tracking the Moving Image – Sean Redmond & Craig Batty

2.  Movement, Attention and Movies: the Possibilities and Limitations of Eye Tracking? – Adrian G. Dyer & Sarah Pink

3.  How We Came To Eye Tracking Animation: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Researching the Moving Image –  Craig Batty, Claire Perkins & Jodi Sita

4.  Sound and Sight: An Exploratory Look at Saving Private Ryan through the Eye-tracking Lens – Jenny Robinson, Jane Stadler & Andrea Rassell

5.  Subtitles on the Moving Image: An Overview of Eye Tracking Studies – Jan Louis Kruger, Agnieszka Szarkowska & Izabela Krejtz

6.  From Subtitles to SMS: Eye-Tracking, Texting and Sherlock – Tessa Dwyer

7.  Our Sherlockian Eyes: the Surveillance of Vision – Sean Redmond, Jodi Sita, & Kim Vincs

8.  Politicizing Eye-tracking Studies of Film – William Brown

9.  Read, Watch, Listen: A commentary on eye tracking and moving images – Tim J. Smith