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Dr Christopher Moore

Senior Lecturer in Digital Communication and Media
The School of Arts, English and Media
University of Wollongong, NSW

Twitter: @cl_moore
Discord: ChrisM#7333

Biography: Dr Christopher Moore is a senior lecturer in Digital Communication and Media. Originally from Tasmania, Christopher graduated from the University of Wollongong and worked as a journalist before conducting his PhD research on intellectual property and the rise of ‘open’ mechanisms for managing copyright in the digital domain. In 2010, Chris moved to Melbourne to take up an Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellowship examining the changes occurring in the digital games industry, lecturing in Media and Communication. Returning to Wollongong in 2014, he joined the School of The Arts, English and Media (TAEM) and is currently teaching in the Digital and Social Media major.

Research interests/Areas of expertise: My primary areas of research area are tabletop games, niche media and persona studies a cross-disciplinary area of inquiry emerging from research on celebrities and the close study of the public self. My contributions include examining the construction of online persona in the indie and independent cultures of game production.

Formal Qualifications
2003 – 2007: Doctor of Philosophy, in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong. PhD Thesis entitled DON’T PANIC!: An Unhurried Critique of Copyright and the Potential for Alternatives. Examiners: Associate Professor Terry Flew (Queensland University of Technology) and Professor Peter Putnis (University of Canberra).

2000 – 2001: Bachelor of Arts Honours (first class) in Communications and Cultural studies, at the University of Wollongong. Honours thesis entitled Nabbing The Net: Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy.

1996 – 2000: Bachelor of Creative Arts (major in creative writing) and Bachelor of Arts (major in communications and cultural studies) at the University of Wollongong, NSW.

Professional Academic Experience

January 2014 – Current Lecturer in Digital Communication and Media Studies, School of English,  Arts and Media, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Wollongong University.

February 2012 – December 2013: Lecturer in Media and Communication, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University.

July 2010 – January 2012: Alfred Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University.

June 2009 – June 2010: Subject Coordinator, Lecturer in Digital and New Media Communication (DIGC101), Digital Games Cultures (DIGC201), Digital Research Methods (DIGC102) New Media History and Communication ‘History2.0’ (BCM301). Level B.

February 2009 – June 2009: Lecturer in New Media: Histories/Industries/Practices (BCM101), Co-coordinator, Lecturer and Tutor in Digital Communication, Digital Games Cultures (DIGC201). Level B.

July 2008 – December 2008: Associate Lecturer in Digital Communication. Co-Coordinator, Lecturer and Tutor for BCM101 and Digital Communication (DIGC102) Methods in Research in Digital Communication. Classroom Tutor in Media and Communication Studies (MACS357)Television Cultures. Level A.

February 2008 – June 2008: Guest Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication (SMAC100) Thinking About Societies, Technologies and Cultures. Tutor in the Media and Communication Studies (MACS335) Electronic Cultures.

2007 – 2004: Seasonal tutor in Media and Communication Studies Hollywood in Context, Australian Cinema, Electronic Cultures, Hollywood and American Culture and Online Tutor in (Communication and Cultural Studies) Australian Cinema.

Academic Publications

Vettoretto, R., & Moore, C. 2023. The Great Australian TV Delay: Disruption, Online Piracy and Netflix. Television & New Media, 0(0).

Moore, Christopher. 2022. Fan Creator Persona in the Niche Creator Industries. In C. Lam, J. Raphael, R. Middlemost, & J. Balanzategui (Eds.), Fame and Fandom: Functioning On and Offline (pp. 30–46). University of Iowa Press.

Harvey, Callum. J., Moore, Christopher. L. 2022. The client net state: Trajectories of state control over cyberspace. Policy & Internet, 1– 19.

Moore, Christopher. 2022. ‘Laying Eggs: Ludothematic Resonance and the Birds of Wingspan’, Avian Aesthetics in Literature and Culture: Birds and Humans in the Popular Imagination, edited by Danette DiMarco and Timothy Ruppert, Lanham: Lexington Books.

Omar A. Al-Khamees, Brian Yecies & Christopher Moore 2022. Cultural policy aspirations and the turn in Saudi Arabia’s video game industry, International Journal of Cultural Policy, DOI: 10.1080/10286632.2022.2135705

Moore, Christopher. 2020. ‘An Approach to Online Fan Persona’, Transformative Works and Culture, Vol 33. DOI:​

Birtchnell, Thomas, McGuirk, Pauline, Moore, Christopher and Vettoretto, Loren. 2020. ‘Pay to play? Subverting the digital economy of PokĂ©mon Go in the smart city’, Digital Geography and Society, Vol 1,

Marshall, P. David, Christopher Moore and Kim Barbour. 2020. Persona Studies: An Introduction. New York: Wiley.

Smith, Rachel,  Kelly, Bridget, Yeatman, Heather, Moore, Christopher, et al. March 2020. Advertising placement in digital game design influences children’s attitudes, choices and consumption of advertised snacks. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Vol 120. Is 3. 404 – 413.

Marshall, P. David, Barbour Kim and Christopher Moore. 2018. ‘Academic Persona: The Construction of Online Reputation in the Modern Academy’. The Digital Academic: Critical Perspectives on Digital Technologies in Higher Education. Deborah L., Mewburn I., & Thomson, P., Eds. Routledge: London.

Turnbull, S. and Moore C. 2017. ‘Teaching with Twitter: A Case Study in the Practice of Audiencing’, in Studying Audiences of Digital Media, Craig Hight and Ramaswami Harindranath (eds.), Routledge, London and New York.

Mitew, T. and Moore, C. 2017. ‘Histories of Internet Games and Play: Space, Technique and Modality’. Global Internet Histories. Goggin, G. & McLelland, M. J., Eds. Routledge: London.

Barbour, K. Lee, K., and Moore, C. 2017. Online Persona Research: An Instagram Case Study. Persona Studies, 3(2), 1-12.

Moore, C. Barbour, K. and Lee, K. 2017. Five Dimensions of Persona. Persona Studies, 3(1), 1-11.

Moore, C., & Barbour, K. 2016. Performing the Networks of Domestic and Public Persona. Persona Studies, 2(1), 1-11.

Organ, M., Moore, C., Daly, R. & Cairns, N. 2016, ‘3D immersive collection and teaching environments: the Yellow House project at UOW’, VALA2016: libraries, technology and the future, VALA, Australia, pp. 1-15.

Moore, C. 2016. The Virtual Yellow House: Experimental tangling with virtual reality. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. 5, (4), 103-104.

Moore C. 2015. ‘2004 (Bowie vs. Mashup)’,  Enchanting David Bowie: Space | Time | Body | Memory, Toija Cinque, Christopher Moore and Sean Redmond (eds). New York: Bloomsbury.

Marshal, P.D, Moore, C. and Barbour K. 2015. ‘Persona as method: exploring celebrity and the public self through persona studies’, Celebrity Studies, 6(3): 288-305.

Barbour, Kim, P. David Marshall, and Christopher Moore. 2014 .”Persona to Persona Studies.” M/C Journal 17.3.

Moore C. 2014. ‘Screenshots as virtual photography, digital media objects and the production of online persona’, in Repurposing the Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theories edited Katherine Bode and Paul Arthur, Continuum: London

Barbour, K, Marshall, P.D., Moore C. 2014, ‘ Persona to Persona Studies’, M/C Journal, vol. 17, no. 3, <>

Moore, C. 2013, ‘Zombie Processes and Undead Technologies’, in Zombies in the Academy: Living Death in Higher Education, edited by Andrew Whelan, Ruth Walker and Christopher Moore, Intellect Press: London.

Barwell, G. and Moore C. 2013, ‘World of Chaucer: Machinima and Adaptation’, in Understanding Machinima: Essays on Filmmaking in Virtual Worlds, edited by Jenna Ng, Continuum: London.

Moore, C. 2012, ‘Invigorating Play: The Role of Affect in Online Multiplayer FPS Game’, in Guns, Grenades, and Grunts First-Person Shooter Games, edited by Gerald A. Voorhees, Josh Call, Katie Whitlock, Continuum, London.

Moore, C. 2011, ‘The Magic Circle and the Mobility of Play’, Convergence, vol. 17, no. 4,  pp. 373-387.

Barwell, G., Moore, C., Walker, R. 2011, ‘Marking machinima: a case study in assessing student use of a Web 2.0 technology’, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 27, Special Issue no. 5.

Moore, C., Walker, R. 2010 ‘Introduction to the special issue: Digital technologies and educational integrity’, International Journal for Educational Integrity, vol. 6, no. 2.

Moore, C. 2010. ‘Hats of Affect: A Study of Affect, Achievements and Hats in Team Fortress 2’, Game Studies, vol. 11, no. 1.

Martin, B, Moore, C and Salter, C. 2010, ‘Sharing music files: tactics of a challenge to the industry’, First Monday, vol. 15, no. 12, [available:

Moore, C. 2009, ‘Digital Games Distribution: The Presence of the Past and the Future of Obsolescence’, M/C Journal, vol. 12, no. 3,

Moore, C. 2005a, ‘Creative Choices: Changes to Australian Copyright Law and the Future of the Public Domain’, Media International Australia, no. 114, February 2005, pp. 71 – 83.

Moore, C. 2005b, ‘Commonising the Enclosure: Online Games and Reforming Intellectual Property Regimes’, Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society, vol. 3, no.2.

Book Reviews

Moore, C. 2004, ‘Nuancing the Net: A Review of Virtual Publics, Policy and Community in an Electronic Age’, Beth Kolko (ed.), Metascience, vol. 13, no.1, pp. 377–380.

Conference Papers 

2016. Organ, M., Moore, C., Daly, R. & Cairns, N. 3D immersive collection and teaching environments: the Yellow House project at UOW. In VALA2016: libraries, technology and the future; VALA: Australia, 2016; pp 1-15.

2012. Moore C. The Screenshot as virtual photography, digital tool and media object. Digital Humanities Australasia Conference. 28-30 March, ANU. Canberra.

2012. Moore, C. and Lea, P. From Blood to Bullets: the transformation of code and culture through video game modification. CODE: A media, games and art conference. 21-23 November. Swinburne University of Technology. Melbourne.

2012. Marshall, P. David, Barbour, Kim and Moore, Chris 2012, Operationalising persona: the academic public identity, Edited by Ng, Edwin, Melbourne, Vic., 12-14 Dec. 2012, [Melbourne, Vic.]

2012. Freund, K., Whelan, A., Moore, C. & Wilkinson, E. Privacy, ethics, and identity: critical intersections in digital humanities research, Digital Humanities Australasia Conference. 28-30 March, ANU. Canberra.

2011: September. “Indie and Independent Video Games and Culture Production and Culture in the Australian Video Games Industry, Digital Humanities Seminar, UmeĂ„ University, (available

2010: December. “That gnome keeps dancing in our scene” – Digital Literacies, Interdisciplinary Opportunities and Making Machinima in World of Warcraft, Revise: The Art and Science of Remix Culture, University of Wollongong, with Associate Professor Graham Barwell.

2010: November. Apple University Consortium, CreateWorld2010, Brisbane, „Making Machinima: Collaborative Engagement between Students in Two Arts Disciplines‟, with Graham Barwell.

2009: October. Round Table Organiser and Presentation: Educational Integrity and Participatory and Social Media, Asia and Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity, University of Wollongong, New South Wales.

2009: March. Co-organiser and convener of the Virtual Worlds Colloquium (VWC@UOW, University of Wollongong, New South Wales.

2008: December. The Future of the Teaching and Research Nexus. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, Annual Conference, Futures. Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

2005: November. Commonising the Enclosure: online computer games and the new paradigms of intellectual property  production, ownership and management. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, Annual Conference, Culture Fix. Sydney. New South Wales.

2004: December. Common Concerns: Digital Cultures and intellectual property alternatives. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, Annual Conference, Everyday Transformations. Freemantle, Western Australia.

2015: 2008: OCTAL Teaching Nomination for Excellence
2005: Award for Best Presentation in the theme of „Capturing our Creativity‟, Wollongong University’s Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Conference.
January 2011 – Current: Supervision of a full-time PhD candidate.
2010 – Current: Supervision of a part-time PhD candidate.
2009: Supervision of pre-honours subjects (MACS341 Directed Study) and assessor for two honours theses.

Industry Experience (journalism)

2000 – 2002: Staff journalist for the Illawarra Mercury (Fairfax Media Limited).

2002 – 2003: Staff journalist for the Wollongong Advertiser (Fairfax Media Limited).

2002 – 2003: News Editor of Wollongong University SRC student magazine, Tertangala.

2003 – 2005: Freelance Writer for the Wollongong Postgraduate Association Postgraduate Reporter.

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