episode 2 is now live!

The Deletion team is pleased to announce the release of Episode 2, available here:


Editorial: http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/episode-two/

Rhian Sheehan, Future Mughal Empirehttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/doves-fly/

Kevin Fisher, Forces of Gravityhttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/forces-gravity/

Brent Bellamy, U.S. Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Tragedy or Farce?http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/u-s-post-apocalyptic-fiction/

Carl Abbott, Science fiction Citieshttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/science-fiction-cities/

Andrew Frost, Gregory Crewdson: Narrative, Time & SF Photographyhttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/gregory-crewdson-narrative-time-sf-photography/

Alex Funke, Looking Back: On Shooting Miniatures for Science Fiction Movieshttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/looking-back-shooting-miniatures-feature-films/

Sophia Davidson Gluyas, It’s Timey Wimey for a Female Doctorhttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/timey-wimey-female-doctor/

Marleen S. Barr, Oy It’s the Cosmetics, Stupid: Or How Estée Lauder Changed the Post 9/11 Worldhttp://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-2/oy-cosmetics/

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