you know you want to

First watch this fantastic Battlestar Gallactica fan vid.

Now you know how I feel about Ashes to Ashes.

In a world where watching a new Doctor Who episode is a rare and wonderful thing in itself, it is nice to stumble across a series that captivates and seizes your attention so fully that it invades almost every other thought in your day.

I was very impressed with the first series Life on Mars from creators Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan and Ashley Pharoah and equally unimpressed by the dreadful US remake of the first series by David E. Kelly that was mercifully canned. It was John Simm who pulled me in, but I stayed for Philip Glenister and the music.

I’d heard rumours of a new series, but promptly got on with life until I found Ashes to Ashes via the ABC’s ivew app this week while searching for an episode of Pepper Pig for X.

I’d love nothing better than to ‘occupy’ the couch for a week and watch both series back to back and get through the two seasons of Ashes to Ashes I’ve yet to watch. Still, thanks to Grooveshark, I can go back to the 80s and live these songs that were the wallpaper of my childhood, and imagine the stories I’d write if fan fiction was something I could get paid to do.


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