iPad as content producer #2

The website Mashable posted an interesting article about the number of users uploading images created on the iPad2 back in May. Given the one million plus iPad2 sold during its launch weekend in March, it was surprising to see only 12,811 photos take on the Ipad2 had been uploaded to Flickr.com. The site registered only 23 active daily users.

That figure has risen to 30,652 uploaded images, as of today (June 16, 2011) with more than double the active daily users, now 47, but the iPad 2 still registers as the least used of all the Apple devices with a digital still camera attached.

The current sales prediction for the iPad2 is ten million plus, so it will be interesting to see if these figures and the proportion of use changes over the next few months. Current leaked figures suggest that iPad2 sales are already around 8.5 million.  I’ll be paying close attention to news about version 3 of the iPad to see if the next generation has better a camera capacity.

Source: Flickr.com

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