CleanSlate: Tips for Teaching and Research – Part 1

Observation 1. When not using the web or the internet (yes they are different)  turn off the wireless/bluetooth.

Rationale: Apple don’t want you to replace your notebook purchase (ie replace their macbook market), instead they conceptualise the iPad as a totally ‘new’ device – a tablet, which is oriented around the idea of the iPad as receptacle of content (more on that later). As such battery life is good, but gets a whole lot better when you turn off services like the Push functions, the wireless and bluetooth. If you are using the iPad to compose content and you don’t need the web all the time, then turn them off and you won’t have to recharge as much.

Tip 2. Figure out what you want to do with the iPad.

Rationale: Is your iPad a learning device or teaching tool, or both? Do you want to create presentations, or do you want to access readings, or create further course content? Or is it a media device, for sound and video? Do you want to organise your various projects and keep notes of meetings you attend. Is it simply an email and appointment manager?

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